Monday, October 28, 2002

God help me. I've been in those meetings like Krug (comic-ly!) described on p. 132--the ones in which you go round and round with your "religious debate" and then reconvene at a later time, only to find that the issue has NOT somehow conveniently disappeared. In fact, I think the majority of meetings follow this script. It takes a few before everyone realizes that whatever it is is NOT going to iron itself out, and some kind of decision will have to be reached.
I'm also wicked guilty of assuming that all web users (and, well, everyone else, too...) are just like me--sharing the same opinions and preferences. I mean c'mon now, isn't anyone who's NOT like me just misguided? This can be a pretty bad trait when you're kind of a marketing-type person, and kind of have to be able to relate to audiences completely different from yourself. Hey, thanks for pointing it out, Steve!

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