Sunday, October 06, 2002

you know, just this morning i saw my roommate's boyfriend wearing a pair of my socks. i think i need to start locking my door. odd things are happening at my house, and i don't like it. as per your comment of the 3rd, how could blogs be diluting content? i think it's great that the average joe (or jane, as you will) has the opportunity to share whatever crazy thoughts they would like (as seen on my group's blogs), and that web-publishing is only as good as the presentation of the content. And of course that includes high-falutin' (spelling?) websites with all the latest, and nice little weblogs, for we peons.

amanda, we should start a club for the over-worked, under-paid, and over-educated-for-the-position-they-hold. we could be co-presidents and tell all those employers where to go. but we won't. we'll just keep trudging on, hoping that one day life will be better and we will make enough money to raise us above the poverty-line and be at least acknowledged, if not appreciated, for our dedication and hard work. Rock on, sis

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